Customer Testimonials

A few comments from of our many satisfied customers:

"Johnson’s Jewelry has been a dream to work with. They have always provided our company with superior quality and reasonable pricing. I would highly recommend them if you are in the market for airline accessories, jewelry, memorabilia or promotional products."
- Andréa Beck (Republic Airways Holdings)

"Johnson’s provides a high quality product at reasonable prices. We are proud to partner with Johnson’s Jewelry for our wings, name tags and recognition accessories."
- Jaime O'Layo (Frontier Airlines)

"I wish to extend a sincere Thank-You to you and your team for making this happen for us. The efforts you went through to locate tooling, visit with your employees to verify you could produce the Shamrock globe design combined with the fact you met our short lead time will certainly make you a first choice/recommendation for custom jewelry at an affordable price."
- Wayne Croteau

"Hello, I just received my purchase today 7/5/2015. Not only did they arrived "SONIC" speed fast, their ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. Thanks for putting the two items together (not good with Glue, Glue guns, or keeping things centered while drying) LOL. Thank You for being a great company making GREAT PRODUCTS!!Thanks again." - Robert H., Indiana

"The team at Johnson's Jewelry is responsive, proactive, extremely genuine and create wonderful, reliable products. I have sincerely enjoyed working with them and would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for aviation inspired pieces. They are simply the best!"
- Elaine Tannous (Virgin America Airlines)

We were initially attracted to Johnson's work because of the variety of existing design options and the obvious quality and craftsmanship...Julie guided us through the many options...and created a unique branded look for our company. Julie always makes herself available to answer questions...the finished wings were truly pieces of art."
- CR Sherman (Chief Pilot - Maverick Airlines)

"My items arrived today. Please accept our sincere thank you for your service and for the quality of your products. We couldn't be more happy with either."
- Øyvind Unneland, Norway